To Soap (box) or Not

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To Soap(box) or Not


Working hard on chapter one of my new sim-opera, The Grilled Cheese Club, and I have decided to change the format of my blog. I will have my story going strong, but I am also going to add in a little bit of personal into my blog. Opinions, side stories, maybe an update on life outside of the game (as some of you know, I have MBC, metastatic breast cancer, Stage 4), and to stave off depression, I would like to post some of the goings on with that, if y’all don’t mind. (Update: I got the news today, radiation treatments and anti-hormone therapy!! I am soooo lucky!)

Fortunately, I have Sims, Twitter, home, and here to keep me occupied. (I know my Sim page for FB is listed below, but I do not go there anymore after some unfortunate incidents on my personal FB, I quit FB completely, too much drama for my tastes. I unfortunately, cannot find the way to edit that off so just ignore till I get my editing skills up to date.

Now onto some Simmy things, first up, I am also going to do a post every so often of outtake pics I get in-game. Many are quite hilarious and I would love to share them with you. It seems that Seasons brought up a lot of glitches, some of them quite annoying, others quite amusing, but still annoying all the same.


After almost 4 years the Sims team, FINALLY released Seasons. And boy what a joy it is to have in the game. I love it, glitches and all. It seems to have added a much-needed experience to simulate real life, the passage of time. I know it would pass from day to-night and so on, but with Seasons, it actually feels like time passes and things change. That is what has kept me enthralled, finally, with the game. BS (before Seasons), nothing could hold my attention span for long. Not the clubs, not the jobs, not anything really for a couple of hours here, a couple hours there. Everything was always the same, and you know the road to insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, with the same results each time. AS (after Seasons, of course), things are different. Days are DIFFERENT!! And it really makes me able to immerse myself in the game finally and I love it.  You can set the season lengths from 7-28 days, I use the 28 day seasons, it feels more like a year passes and I will add my sims birthday when the next spring rolls around. I can’t wait!!

I am not a blind fangirl though, as perfect an addition as it is, there are a few problems. The biggie for me is the lag sometimes when you tell your Sim to do something. I haven’t kept track much to see if it is the same thing all the time or it could be that my comp is quite old by today’s standards, so it may just be me. Let me know in the comments if any of you are still experiencing this after the last patch. Another issue is the teleporting, not the game type teleporting, but the popping out suddenly and popping up on a different part of the lot, just randomly. Again, it may be my comp, but I think I have seen others on Twitter mention it, so maybe not. Those are the two big issues I have, but I can live with them as they aren’t game breaking…yet. (Update: my nephew got a new Alienware comp and he is going to work out a deal with me for the older one, I am so excited!! My first actual gaming comp!)

A few of my favorite things, the weather! I have gone through Spring and Summer, and am about a week into Fall right now. Let me tell you, Halloween is going to have a lot to live up to after my Simdependence Day party. What a blast!! Although I think fireworks will be more effective at night, lol, I will have to schedule my parties for later now that I know. I can’t wait to have a costume party and trick or treating, it seems that the new holiday/event calendar added another much-needed dimension the game was missing.  The Simgurus are geniuses coming up with that.

Speaking of parties; holidays and the revamped party system, make the game so much fun. Sim guests are so much more active, activities seem more fleshed out and it is easier to complete the goals of the parties for a higher level badge and prize. I love that you can set your own holidays and add activities, such as; party, gift-giving, drinking, even streaking!! There are a ton of different activities to mix and match for almost any type of party out there. You can really make the parties and holidays your very own. I love that added touch, it really personalizes my simmy.

Well that’s it for today Simming pals and gals, off to do some simming in Simlandia! Watch for my upcoming story, The Grilled Cheese Club. 6 single ladies who grew up in the suburbs of Simlandia and became fast friends over a grilled cheese lunch in middle school. Chapter one coming soon (hopefully, later today!)

Until next time, “Happy simming dreams and grilled cheese wishes!”



Coming Soon…Chapter One

The Grilled Cheese Club

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Meet the ladies of “The Grilled Cheese Club


Jewel Cavanaugh-Jewel is a perfectionist with a love for gardening. She’s also a vegetarian who loves being outside in rain, sun, or shine. Jewel started The Grilled Cheese Club.


Kittie Cat-Kittie is Jewel’s best friend. They have been friends since grade school. She is a cheerful, neat, cat lover, who lives across the street from Jewel in Willow Creek.
  Liberty Lee-Liberty, like the rest of the girls became friends with Jewel and Kittie, when they all met in the middle school cafeteria. Liberty is a clumsy, geeky, bookworm. She lives with Travis next door to Jewel.
Jolene Lemon-Jolene is a single mom to Henry and lives in Newcrest. She works bartending at the bowling alley to make ends meet. She is a cheerful, vegetarian, perfectionist.
  Penny Pizzazz-Penny lives the high life in a penthouse apartment in San Myshuno. She is an outgoing and ambitious, but also a romantic at heart.


 Siobhan Fyres-Siobhan still lives at home in Windenberg with her parents. She is an ambitious and self-assured insider, who always has some great gossip to go around.


The Grilled Cheese Club is a group six women who grew up in the burbs of Simlandia. They bonded in the middle school cafeteria one day over an extremely hard Math class and grilled cheese sandwiches that were on the menu that day. They’ve been friends ever since. A highly sought after group, everyone has a great time when these 6 ladies are together. This series will tell the stories of their lives, loves, and heartaches. 

New Season, New Blog!

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New Story

Hey y’all! Faith here! I have decided to change a little bit, well actually a lot of bit, to my blog. With the new ep, the long awaited Seasons, and a game restart, I decided to start my little Sim opera over with a brand new Sim.

I still have my families, well most that will play an integral or minor part in my story, but things were getting a little complicated story wise, so I decided to start fresh. No mods, no CC, no outside help. Just my sim learning life from the ground up.

Like before, any creation I add to my game, be it an interesting Sim or wonderful build will be credited at the end of each chapter he/she/ or it is first featured. I do not like building in this game, so if you know any creation that may fit into any of my storylines please let me know in the comments. I will check them out and add accordingly. I do not use any outside CC, not that I don’t like it, just that I would spend hours upon hours adding it to my game and never get any gameplay done. And CAS and buy/build were nightmares. So only stuff that comes with the original. I have been playing vanilla since the great Seasons crash of my comp 2018, and I kind of like the simplicity much more.

New to the blog: sprinkled throughout my story, I may write a personal blog, or something not directly related to my story, such as a little review or opinion of sim things.

I hope y’all enjoy what I have in store for the future. Some of you may have been seeing my pic spam on Twitter, so you’ve already seen my new sim, Jewel Cavanaugh. New to Simlandia, living in the Willow Creek division, a professional gardener looking for fun and maybe a little love.

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Thank you for joining. I hope to work on chapter one today. I’m having so much fun with Seasons, it has really added a few much needed elements to the game, I can’t wait to share what I have found and how I feel.

Love you all!!

Faith ❤

Twitter page is:


Coming later:

My thoughts on Seasons! Stay tuned Simming gals and pals! Same Sim time. Same Sim channel! Speed 1!

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The Adventure begins!!<3<3<3