Chapter 2

First Day

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Bruce arrives at the station for his first day, he meets with the Chief to learn what he will be doing. The Chief sends him to Detective Ortiz, a young detective with an uncanny knack for solving the hard to solve cases. Detective Ortiz was only on the force 18 months before making Sr. Detective, when he cracked The Art of Murder serial killing case, followed quickly by bringing down the local crime boss, Big Billy Blade, who was running a rigged karaoke machine racket and money-laundering scam through the local drinking establishments in San Myshuno. Bruce knew all about Ortiz’s reputation and was honored to work with him and learn all he could.

“Good morning sir” Bruce said, walking up to Dt. Ortiz’s oddly clutter-free desk, hand stretched out to shake the detective’s hand.

“Good morning,” Dt. Ortiz said jovially, not looking away from the computer screen in front of him, “you must be my new trainee,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“Yes, Officer Bruce Campbell, at your service, sir,” Bruce said, sheepishly bringing his hand slowly back to his side when he realized the Detective had no intention shaking it, or even looking up from his computer screen.

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“Campbell, I want you to go get the basics done on my suspect, Joanna Cachet. She’s in holding cell 1.” He told Bruce still not looking up.

“Yes sir,” Bruce said, wondering if this was Ortiz’s normal behavior.

Bruce went to holding cell 1 and took Joanna Cachet from the cell. She seemed to be in a very good mood for someone who spent the night in the “pokey”.

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“Why are you so happy,” Bruce asked her curiously.

“Well I’m innocent of course,” she said with a little glint in her eye, “I won’t be here long.”

“Is that so?” Bruce said.

“That is so,” she answered with a happy conviction in her voice.

“We’ll see,” Bruce said leading her down to booking by the crook of her elbow. He swears he heard her quietly whisper, “Yes you will.” When he looked at her questioningly he saw she still had her smile and was staring straight into his eyes. Eyebrows raised he brought her into the booking room and had her walk up to the chart. He told her to face the wall while he frisked her to make sure she didn’t have any contraband on her.

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He then gave her a board with her name and prisoner number on it and took her mugshot.

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He took the board and brought her to the fingerprint station, where he scanned her hands to get her palm prints as well as her fingerprints.

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He put her back in the cell and noticed she wasn’t smiling anymore. “Something wrong?” he asked her. “No, nothing,” she answered. Wonderingly he shrugged and closed the cell door. He went back to the Detective Station and told Dt. Ortiz he was done.

For the first time he looked up from his computer and smiled over at Bruce, “It’s your lucky day Campbell, we have a murder on our hands and you get to go to your first crime scene.”

Bruce felt his heart jump a bit excitedly and he said, “Yes sir, let’s go!”

“Whoah, slow down there Campbell, I need to give you the basics first,” and he proceeded to tell Bruce how they were going to manage the scene. Bruce was in going to taking crime scene photos only. Under no circumstances was he to question any of the witnesses, he was too green to do that yet. Excited to be going to his first crime scene, Bruce said he understood and followed Dt. Ortiz out the station door.

Coming up the street Bruce saw other officers already on the scene. He walked up to the nearest one and asked where he should start while Dt. Ortiz went in the house to question the witnesses. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a red figure float across the yard. “Oh no,” he thought as he felt a little panic rise in his chest, “not here, not now.” He looked around and his panic began to subside when he saw none of the other officers seemed to notice the ghost or notice the strange look on Bruce’s face. He regained his composure and went to take pictures of the spot the officer told him to go to. He saw the ghost trying to get the other officer’s attention to no avail.

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Officer O’Malley pointed Bruce where to start, so Bruce started taking pictures of the evidence.

02-18-17_12-06-28 PM

He went in the house to take pictures of other clues Dt. Ortiz pointed out to him.

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The detective told him to go outside and finish up as he was almost finished questioning the witnesses. Bruce went to the side of the yard and saw the red ghost still floating over by his last photo. There was also a young woman standing right where the ghost was, making the young girl look like she was covered in a glowing red aura. She didn’t notice the ghost surrounding her, although Bruce noticed she shivered as if cold.

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The ghost seemed urgent to talk to Bruce when she noticed that he could see her. The young girl tried telling him what she knew, but Bruce remembering what Dt. Ortiz told him about not questioning witnesses yet, so he sent her inside to talk to his new mentor.  Looking around he noticed the other officers had dispersed to different parts of the yard and house. Bruce was alone in the side yard with the ghost.

“You must listen to me,” she kept saying to Bruce. Her voice was low and raspy, barely audible to Bruce. He looked around to make sure he was completely alone. Satisfied he was, he took out his notebook and turned to the ghost.

“What do you need to tell me?” he asked quietly.

“This isn’t what you think it is,” she said cryptically.

“Well then tell me what it is,” he said getting slightly annoyed.

“He’s coming, this is just the beginning,” she said starting to trail off, “he’s coming…he’s coming…”  Poof she was gone! Bruce hated when they did that, it always gave him a start and he could hear an audible crack whenever they disappeared. Looking around he saw he was now completely alone in the side yard. Getting really nothing of merit from the ghost, he walked around to the front of the house and saw Dt. Ortiz just walking out the door.

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“Let’s go back to the station, we have what we need hear, the others will finish up the crime scene.”

Bruce and the detective got in their car and headed back to the station. Neither said a word on the drive back. Bruce sat wondering who “he” was.

Back at the station Detective Ortiz sent Bruce into the crime lab to analyze the clues they got from the scene.  Bruce went into the lab and put what he had into the Crime-O-Matic 2000. It would take overnight for the machine to finish.

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Back in the detective’s station Bruce found Dt. Ortiz talking to another new recruit to the detective training program. Bruce did not know her name yet.

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“Did you get the evidence put in for analysis Campbell?” Dt. Ortiz asked when Bruce walked up.

“Yes sir, we should have something tomorrow morning,” Bruce told him.

“Alright, then you can call it a day Campbell,” Dt. Ortiz said in his matter-of-fact tone, “good job today Campbell, see you in the morning.”

“Good night sir, thank you sir!” Bruce said walking away.

Bruce decided to take the A-train to downtown San Myshuno to have a drink and celebrate his first day as detective. Even though he didn’t get much clue-wise from the ghost, he got some great pictures of the crime scene. Hopefully in the morning, the photos along with the witness statements Dt. Ortiz got will produce some evidence that will help in solving the double homicide.

Coming out of the station he noticed a festival set up in Festival Square. He walked over the food vendor and ordered something he couldn’t really pronounce. So he described it to the vendor and she knew exactly what he wanted. Bruce took it and ate looking around to see what else the festival had to offer.

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He saw a Tiki Bar across the way and made his way over for a drink. He sat down with his food and ordered a Simsmopolitan. Not the most cop-like of drinks, but one of his favorites. He saw a very pretty tattooed woman watching him intently. After he finished his food, the bartender took his plate and Bruce stood up to go talk to the woman.

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02-18-17_2-24-30 PM

“Hi,” Bruce said to her, “my name is Bruce.”

“I’m Ulrike.” She said and turned away. Bruce just looked at her as she walked away. “Ok…” he thought dejectedly. He didn’t know what he said wrong, deciding he had enough he went home. Once home, with thoughts of Ulrike’s actions or lack of actions in his head, he fell asleep wondering, “Wth?”

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A New Day

Meet Officer Bruce Campbell. He is new to Windenberg and new to the San Myshuno police force. On the day before he started his new job, he decided to take a stroll around the business suburb called Newcrest. He decided to take a stroll in the business section of the city, Newcrest Ave. He saw the Sunny Side Up Cafe and decided to go in and have a bite to eat.


While at the cafe  he met Naomi Darkheart. They seemed to hit it off quite well, giving him hope that this new life may not be so lonely after all. She invited him to the spice festival over in San Myshuno later that afternoon. He told her he had to do some unpacking at home and may join her there later.


Packing was boring so he decided to head out to the festival. Once there Naomi caught up with him. Having forgotten to eat lunch, he asked her if she would like to join him, Naomi said yes. She was always up to eat festival food, she loved trying out new things. They found a picnic table and sat down. Noticing the two other sims on the other side of the table, Bruce introduced himself. “Hi, my name is Bruce, how are you doing today?” Naomi giggled at his boldness.


The older woman scowled at him and said, “Just leave me be young man, I want to eat in peace.”  The younger woman just ignored him and then got up and walked away.




Bruce looked at Naomi puzzled. “Was it something I said?” he asked her. She looked at him and smiled and said, “don’t take it personal hon, there are a lot of unsociable sims here. Don’t worry, there are also plenty of very sociable sims here as well.”


It started getting late and Bruce had his first day on the police force tomorrow, so he thanked Naomi for inviting him, said goodbye, and ran to catch the next train back to Windenberg.

Quick note: Naomi Darkheart is the creation of AlexLabrinth and she is available in the Gallery. All other sims are my own creations, or created by the Maxis team. Any sims not my own, the creator will be listed at the bottom of the chapters. Thank you and keep simming.

Up next: Bruce’s first day on the force…how will it go?

Coming soon As the Sim World Turns!

Due to some family medical crisis and an extremely busy schedule, I have put AtSWT on hold until Sims 4 comes out. Expect new characters, new storylines, and loads of fun!! 🙂

Well, less than a month and the Sims 4 will be here! I am so excited to get started on my new adventure. I plan to start all over with As the Sims World turns, some characters from the Sims 3 version may carry over, but I am not sure yet. I was thinking of just starting over with a whole new cast of characters. Some of which I have already made in the CAS demo.

The CAS demo is awesome!! There is no other way to put it. There is so much versatility to make unique sims, that it can be daunting on how to start. Not sure how I feel about the gallery as I see some of my creations copied, or maybe just some made similar looking, but there are a couple that have an uncanny resemblence to other’s creations. I believe the CAS will be expanded in S4 for more choices, I can’t wait to see all that are offered in buy/build and CAS.

Well that’s all for now! Take care and see you soon! I will be posting bios and pics of the new cast of characters soon! 🙂